Unique digital art styles from Mary Whitmer

Chicago Lights and Color

Chicago is one of the most inspirational cities I have experienced. To blend the city lights, amazing architecture , and patterns of reflection with my love for vibrant color seems like a natural coupling for Artistic expression.  This painting is once again a digital dance of color, vibrancy, patterns and textures evolving from a recent photograph.

A Dance of Color

I have always been drawn to color.  It inspires me to produce passionate art and calms my spirit at the same time.  I started a dance of color when I began painting. As I enhanced each image, seeing how far I could push my images and paintings, I found that color energized and magnified the emotional expressiveness, visual impact and clarity of my art.

The strength of the lion symbolizes  passion, tranquility and safety as they are all found for me in the characterization of the lion.

Jaye’s Garden

My sister-in-law here in town has an absolutely exceptional garden – and one that became the subject for this current piece.

“Cafe in Tuscany”

From my trip last year to Italy, I just completed  this impressionistic painting is from Montepulciano.     The beauty and uniqueness from this area creates magic for me, and  I love developing my artwork from this kind of  scenery. 

As I’ve mentioned before, Venice has so much appeal and interest for the kind of artwork I do.  I opted for an impressionistic style for this image.

Morton Arboretum Trip

One of  my regular “stops” when I’m looking for shooting opportunities  is the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL.   I didn’t have my regular camera with me, but I did have my iPad, and some great software.  Here’s what I have created.

Bike Racer

We’ve gone to many local bike races over the past few years.  I enjoy this subject matter, and giving the background a more pronounced painting style gives more emphasis on the biker.