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Floral Fav

I love the world of digital art – there are so many options and features.

“The Gift of Myrrh”

This is my artwork that was commissioned by the Jonahre Foundation (www.Jonahre.org) for the 2017 Christmas Art Walk in Wheaton, IL.  This is at “Station 12”, hosted at Carlson’s Hardware.

Lighthouse – Digital Painting

The east coast of Florida has some unique “travel destinations” and this lighthouse was one of my favorites.  I thought it would be interesting to show the “before and after” result.light house before and after

“Boats of Venice”

Venice is one of my favorite cities in the world to photograph and paint.  This artwork, included in our “European Expectations” collection, is available from our Imagekind galleries.  If you’d like to see more, please visit http://marywhitmer.imagekind.comBoats of Venice EE-046

DuPage Art League Monthly Art

As a member of the DuPage Art League in Wheaton,  I have the opportunity to add artwork to their monthly exhibits.  Each month has a theme, and the one for this month is “Epicurean.”     This digital art rendering is my submission.  

“European Expectations” starts next Tuesday

We have a major art show scheduled at Windsor Park in Carol Stream starting next Tuesday evening, May 1st.  If you would like to come, you are more than welcome.  It’s starts at 6:30 pm and refreshments are included, and you do not need to RSVP.  Here’s our signature artwork and featured in the show, called “Venice Peace.”  Further details about the location and the show are here:  http://whitmerphotography.com/europeanexpectations/

“European Expectations” – Art Show

We are happy to announce that Jim and I will have an art show on display at Windsor Park in Carol Stream, and opening night is May 1st, at 6:30pm, hosted at Windsor Park in Carol Stream.  If you are in the area, we would like to invite you to the “meet and greet”.  We have further details for you on this page:  European Expectations Opening Night Details.

Inspiration in California

The rich colors in flowers, a deep blue sky, and warm temperatures I’m experiencing in southern California provided the perfect inspiration for this kind of imagery.    This is one of many new shots I’ve added to my available photo resources for future galleries and more.

Chicago Lights and Color

Chicago is one of the most inspirational cities I have experienced. To blend the city lights, amazing architecture , and patterns of reflection with my love for vibrant color seems like a natural coupling for Artistic expression.  This painting is once again a digital dance of color, vibrancy, patterns and textures evolving from a recent photograph.

A Dance of Color

I have always been drawn to color.  It inspires me to produce passionate art and calms my spirit at the same time.  I started a dance of color when I began painting. As I enhanced each image, seeing how far I could push my images and paintings, I found that color energized and magnified the emotional expressiveness, visual impact and clarity of my art.

The strength of the lion symbolizes  passion, tranquility and safety as they are all found for me in the characterization of the lion.